Meet the Survivors

Meet the dogs and Packs from Survivors, the new series by Warriors author Erin Hunter.


Type: Wild Pack Dog (large brown male with long ears and shaggy fur)

Personality: Stoic and protective

Special Skills: Hunting

A strong, massive brown dog, Fiery is in charge of the Wild Pack’s hunters. A good leader with an efficient hunting team, Fiery is also the father of Moon’s pups.

When the fight had gone from the hind completely, and she went limp and heavy with death, Fiery drew back. He was panting with effort, but clearly pleased.

“Well done, Lucky,” he said gruffly. “And you two. That was fine flushing.”

“Alpha’s going to be happy with this,” Snap barked.

“Don’t relax,” growled Fiery. “He will be happy, but we can do better. Let’s prove it!”