Meet the Survivors

Meet the dogs and Packs from Survivors, the new series by Warriors author Erin Hunter.

Blade, Dagger, Mace

Type: Fierce Dogs (dark, lean bodies with pricked ears and pointed snouts)

Personality: Cold and unforgiving

Special Skills: Fighting

The Fierce Dogs are tough dogs with a mean streak. Their Alpha, Blade, is the most ruthless and holds the power of the Pack.

“Tell me, Street Mutt. Where are they hiding? They can’t have gotten out.”

Lucky managed a hoarse, brave bark. “I don’t know.”

Blade took a menacing pace toward him. “You don’t know? Well, let me see. I could tear you into pieces right here, or you could help me round up your miserable little friends.” “Yes,” snarled Dagger.

“And then we won’t hurt you. Not too much, anyway.”