Meet the Survivors

Meet the dogs and Packs from Survivors, the new series by Warriors author Erin Hunter.


Type: Leashed Dog (stocky, small with brown and white patches)

Personality: Impulsive and excitable

Alfie doesn’t always think before he acts, and he can be too trusting. He still follows rules set by the longpaws, and has trouble listening to his dog-spirit.

With a howl of joy, Alfie darted past them all, nearly knocking Sunshine over in his haste.

“Alfie, no!” Lucky sprang after the little dog.

“Don’t you smell it, Alfie?” Martha shook her head at him. “That water isn’t good.”

“When is water ever bad?” Alfie barked indignantly. “My longpaws’ water was always perfectly good!”

Bella growled with fear. “Let’s get away from here. And don’t be so impulsive again, Alfie! You’ve got to listen.”